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About Us

The American Dream Learning Center, PMA (Private Membership Association), currently serves students in grades K through 6 and Special Education for Learning Coaching and we offer a "Family Practice" For Health Restoration Coaching. We see Adults and Children for Health Restoration Coaching. Our Motto is "Holistic Education for the Whole Child". Our mission is to empower Students and Families build their own "American Dream" through holistic ways of addressing learning issues, diet and lifestyle issues, and provide to improve quality of life. When a child is around adults that are thriving, they thrive as well. 

Our mission is to help students build their own "American Dream".

Learning Coaching 1:1

Offered In-person at Moss Workwell in Garden City, and Remotely.

Unlike traditional tutoring that often drills content, a Learning Coach will evaluate the full spectrum of where the foundational misunderstandings are occurring.

We discuss diet/lifestyle issues that can contribute to learning issues, such as eating processed food, unknown allergies to foods, and other factors.

Offered In-person at Moss Workwell in Garden City, and Remotely.

Health Restoration Coaching 1:1


Free e-book

5 things to consider when your child is struggling with learning issues...


written by Andrea Rogers

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