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Learning Coaching 1:1

Unlike traditional tutoring that often drills content, a Learning Coach will evaluate the full spectrum of where the foundational misunderstandings are occurring.

For example, if a child is struggling with Multiplication and Division, chances are there are weaknesses in subtraction and addition. A Learning Coach will identify and strengthen all areas of weakness, not just the specific topic in question.

Health Restoration Coaching 1:1

We discuss diet/lifestyle issues that can contribute to learning issues, such as eating processed food, unknown allergies to foods, and other factors. We do not give medical advice, but we provide information on the various diet/lifestyle factors that contribute to learning issues and support Parents in finding positive behavior reinforcement strategies that might help support positive diet/lifestyle changing in their children. We're also a "Family Practice , in that, we see Adults as well. 


After all, when we don't feel good we don't perform our best when our diet and lifestyle habits are off, how can we expect our children to perform their best if their diet and lifestyle habits are off? When children are around thriving adults, they thrive as well. 

In-Person Sessions

MOSS Wellness Workspace
950 Franklin Ave
Garden City, NY 11530

$95/per session

Virtual Sessions

Online Via Zoom
Link provided upon bookinG

$65/per session

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